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Consultancy services for a pilot project to introduce corporate governance system and antimonopoly compliance in the Joint-Stock Company UzTransGaz

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09 September 2021
, Asia/Tashkent
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Summary of Requirements

Brief description:

The project’s objective is to assist Uzbekistan in achieving its international commitments in regard to combating corruption by facilitating collective action against corruption in the business sector. It is based on the OSCE Ministerial Council Declaration on Strengthening Good Governance and Combating Corruption, Money-Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism of 7 December 2012 (MC .DoC/2/12).

Good corporate governance in state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and a level playing with their private counterparts significantly improve the country’s economic growth and lower its level of corruption. For that reason, promoting good governance practices and anti-corruption efforts is a priority of the OSCE.

After the adoption of regulatory documents on antimonopoly compliance in Uzbekistan and developed compliance methodology (including compliance with anti-monopoly regulations), it is necessary to launch the process of their practical implementation. It is proposed to start with one of the largest state-owned enterprises of Uzbekistan within the framework of this project. The project provides for the support of such enterprises in the pilot implementation of the anti-monopoly compliance function.

Expected results include:

Creation of an effective function of corporate governance system and antimonopoly compliance, confirmed by the first practical actions of the compliance service of pilot state-owned enterprise.


Bidders are required to

  • To be experienced in project implementation of such scale internationally;
  • At least 10 years of hands-on experience on corporate governance, compliance (including antimonopoly compliance), business integrity matters for private businesses;
  • Possess experts experienced in enhancing legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks for governance of state-owned enterprises in post-Soviet countries certified by their CVs;
  • International work experience in the business integrity and enhancement of corporate governance practices is an asset;
  • Employ Uzbek and / or Russian speaking personnel to attend the meetings and negotiations at the client and beneficiary's premises.