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Development of a Digital Platform for Public Participation

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08 April 2016
, Europe/Vienna
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Summary of Requirements

‘Under its Project “Support participatory mechanisms for monitoring and influencing decision making processes”, the Public Participation Section (PPS) of the Democratization Department of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo seeks to increase participation and advocacy efforts of civil society organizations (CSOs), women caucuses and youth in working with municipal and central institutions. Specifically, through its activities, this project aims to improve the transparency of government operations through a communication platform that connects residents and local government in municipalities. To contract a local or international IT service provider to develop and functionalize a web-based digital platform, connecting residents and local institutions, to be fully integrated into, or linked to, the municipal website of two municipalities in Kosovo. The service is needed in order to a) improve the transparency of government operations and b) increase participation of the public in decision making in Kosovo. In this regards, PPS is seeking a solution through creating a digital platform with the aim to a) enable residents to share ideas about their neighbourhoods, discuss, and vote on plans they have for improving their city; b) enable municipal employees to join the discussions, introduce official opinion or policy, and start collaborating productively with city’s residents; c) enable the municipal institutions to review submissions by residents, provide their comprehensive response on popular ideas, and engage residents in the policy-making and executing process.’