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OSCE POiD – Call for Roster of Implementing Partners

Reference Number
TJK № 917 - 2023
Procurement procedures
Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)
Launch date
17 November 2023
, Asia/Dushanbe
On behalf of

Summary of Requirements

Invitation for participation in Open Competitive Selection of the OSCE Implementing Partners for national and international public organizations, in the following thematic areas:

Socio-Economic Research; Economic Development and Trade; Labour Migration; Enhancement of digital skills for youth and economic empowerment; Environmental Awareness Raising and Promoting Community Participation in Environmental Decision-Making Processes; Radioactive, Hazardous Wastes and Chemicals; Climate Change; Natural and Man-made disasters; Assessment of Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Legislation; Country-wide Awareness-Raising Campaigns on Police Reform in Tajikistan; Counter-Drug-related Activities (Drug Prevention Campaigns); Public Surveys/Polls on Police and Police Reform Related Issues; Awareness-Raising and Women Social Empowerment Activities; Legal, Psychological and Social Support for Victims of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking; Prevention of Torture and Ill-treatment, and observance of due process in criminal and civil proceedings; Support of Detained Persons; Criminal Justice Legal and Policy Reform; Media Self-Regulation and Review of Existing Media Legislation; Renewable Energy (solar, photovoltaic, micro hydro power, wind); Public Surveys/Research (irrigation management transfer, water governance, irrigated agriculture, rural livelihoods); River Basin Management and Governance; Human Rights Awareness; Mine victims assistance and rehabilitation: emergency and continuing medical care; Information management system: collection, assessment, analysis, mapping and dissemination of data related to anti-personnel landmines;

And more.