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Pre-production, production and post - production of four videos for the project “Assisting the National Authorities of the Republic of Albania to Decrease the Risk of Weapon Proliferation and Misuse of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW)”.

Reference Number
Procurement procedures
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Launch date
19 August 2022
, Europe/Tirane
Expected contract duration
One-off purchase
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Summary of Requirements

The OSCE Presence in Albania is looking for a multimedia/communication/creative company for the preproduction, production and post-production of four videos for the SALW project activities and results aimed. Videos will be designed and used to publicize the OSCE and donors’ contributions to the security of the country and the region through the SALW project. Videos will be focused also on raising awareness among selected audiences as well as the general public on the project, its impact on the reduction of the threats from uncontrolled proliferation, and the overall stability of the region. The videos will be available in the websites, social media social media profiles of the OSCE, beneficiary institutions and project donors, as well as presented during the national and international events.