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Production of Animated Video for the OSCE/Press and Public Information Services

Reference Number
RFQ 271414
Procurement procedures
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Launch date
10 August 2012
, Europe/Vienna
Expected contract duration
One-off purchase
On behalf of

Summary of Requirements

The Press and Public Information Section (PPIS) of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) aims to produce a short (five-minute) animated video on the OSCE and its activities that gets past the jargon and explains what is meant by the OSCE concept of “comprehensive security” which includes the “three dimensions” - the politico-military, the economic and environmental, and the human. “Security begins” would explain the need for addressing security not just on the level of states - the peaceful resolution of disputes, regional co-operation to combat transnational threats - but also in our daily lives. Security means living free from fear of violence, ensuring respect for women and men and young people, having access to resources, being able to trust local authorities, knowing that your vote counts and that your rights are respected.

For further details please request the bidding documents above.

Production of Animated Video

Final edited video delivered as HD 720p in mp4 container format with H.264 codec

Pre-production: Conceptual work and writing script. Concept and character development. Scene development and story-boarding.

Production and Post-production.