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Provision of construction works for sidewalk and installation of equipment for street lighting in village Rudare/Rudare in Zvecan/Zveqan Municipality for OSCE Mission in Kosovo

Reference Number
Procurement procedures
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Launch date
19 November 2020
, Europe/Belgrade
Expected contract duration
One-off purchase
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Summary of Requirements

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo is seeking offers from eligible and qualified companies for the following services. 

Lot 1. Construction of sidewalk, length 190 m and width 1.50 m, in the village Rudare / Rudare in the municipality of Zvecan / Zveqan. The works include manual excavation of soil along the existing concrete path to the required depth with the removal of the excavated material, and installation of a tampon leaks 10 cm thick from pebbles material and installation of reinforced concrete MB 30 in sloping formwork for concrete pavement 10 cm high. On the approach to the main road, need to be done the required number of stairways to overcome the difference in height. 

Lot 2. Installation of street lights, in the village Rudare / Rudare in the municipality of Zvecan / Zveqan. The works include tracing and excavation of the trench with dimension 0,4 x 0,7 m, in the soil third category,  excavation of core holes for street lamps with dimensions 0.6x0.6x0.7 and construction of the pillar foundation from concrete with anchors placement and concrete plates, installation of the 210 m cable PP004xx2,5 mm2 from the nearest public lighting pillar, installation of the 6 lampposts, 6 pillars 3-4 meters height and other elements needed (see BOQ for details).

Interested companies are invited to request bidding documents.