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Provision of Internet Access and VPN Services to the OSCE Mission in Kosovo

Reference Number
Procurement procedures
Invitation to Bid (ITB)
Launch date
30 May 2013
, Europe/Belgrade
Expected contract duration
3 years
On behalf of

Summary of Requirements

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo (OMiK) has Headquarters offices in Prishtina and sub-offices in various Regional Centres (RCs) around Kosovo. The Headquarters premises require internet access services, whilst the Regional Centres need to be connected to the Headquarters by Virtual Private Network (VPN). In addition a number of OSCE Officials require internet access at their home residences in various private addresses around Kosovo.

 This tender is divided into three lots as follows:

 I.        Provision of internet access to the OMiK Headquarters in Pristina

II.        Provision of internet access to private addresses in Pristina, Gjilan, Prizren, Peja and Mitrovica

III.       Provision of VPN Services connecting RCs in Peja, Prizren, Gjilan, Mitrovica and Vushtrri to OMiK Headquarters

 Bidders may bid for any number of the above three lots providing they have the capacity to provide the services as described. For full terms of reference please request the bidding documents.