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Provision of Public Survey on Perception of Police and Police Reform in Armenia

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20 July 2020
, Europe/Vienna
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Summary of Requirements

Provision of Public Survey on Perception of Police and Police Reform in Armenia

The OSCE will commission a public survey prior to the police reform. The aim for the survey is that it will serve as the baseline for future surveys, which could indicate possible changes in the population's attitude towards the police following the police reform. This requires assigning a research on citizen’s perception of the work police service with emphasis on their view of the main threats to their personal safety, safety and security problems in their respective towns and at national level, perception of the police and overall police reform.

To carry out the research on the territory of Armenia, the OSCE is looking for an impartial polling Agency with extensive experience in conducting public opinion surveys on issues of public concerns.  

Tasks - The OSCE requires the services of an Agency to conduct the public opinion survey and more specifically to produce the following outputs:


  • The Bidders are asked to develop and provide methodology for conducting a country-wide survey;
  • The Bidders should define the sampling frame for the cities engaged in the survey;
  • The Bidders should present a representative sample of a number of interviewees/age/gender/geography/education