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Provision of services in organizing and conducting a study tour for the Tajik Delegation to Astana, Kazakhstan on 22-29 July 2018

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29 May 2018
, Asia/Dushanbe
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Summary of Requirements

The OSCE Program Office in Dushanbe provides support to the Tajikistan National Working Group (NWG) for the development of the National Environmental Code (Code) and organises a study tour to Kazakhstan, the country that adopted Environmental Code, to exchange experience, best practices and lessons learnt in the development of background legal documents. NWG consists of 12 representatives of Tajikistan related government institutions and agencies. The study tour is planned for the period of July 22-29.

The main objective of the study tour is to share Kazakhstan experience in the development of environmental legislation aimed at promotion of sustainable socio economic development, healthy environment, green economy principles and environmental security.


Description of services

1. Identify government stakeholders /officials who will best demonstrate how the Republic of Kazakhstan implements Kazakhstan Environmental Code, promotes principles of green economy, energy efficiency and environmental security;

2. Develop the agenda of the study tour  for 8 days (July 22-29, including arrival and departure days), which will introduce all the expected concepts to the high level delegation consisting of 12 NWG members, representatives of  Tajikistan Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Land Reclamations and Water Resources,  National Legal Centre, , Committee on Environmental Protection and Parliament and organise meetings in line with the developed agenda;

3. Organise and provide catering services for one joint dinner for 12 representatives of Tajikistan related government institutions and agencies and 8 main Kazakhstan counterparts (20 persons),

4. Provide transportation to the delegation from the hotel to all the meetings and events  in and out of Astana, including transfers from/to the airport