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Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Reference Number
RFI - Qualitative Data Analysis Solution
Procurement procedures
Request for Information (RFI)
Launch date
12 June 2015
, Europe/Vienna
Expected contract duration
One-off purchase
On behalf of

Summary of Requirements

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is seeking to identify the potential software solution that can assist to analyse qualitative data.

The minimum technical requirements are:

1. Cloud-based solution;
2. Intuitively-based – easy to use and easy to conduct internal train;
3. Capacity to import hierarchical code scheme and to evolve code scheme during analysis;
4. Capacity to code from multiple geographic sites at one time;
5. Capacity to import and code data in diverse formats (Word, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, video, photos);
6. Capacity to conduct cross-code queries;
7. Capacity to compare coded data from different coders;
8. Capacity to memo while coding;
9. Capacity to export coded data in diverse formats (Word, Excel);
10. Strong data security protection;
11. Ability to purchase multiple licenses and add licenses as needed;
12. Low cost.

We are looking forward to receive information on the solution that is fulfilling the above criteria.
Please send your response by email at