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Supply and Delivery of Forensic Equipment, Consumables and Toolkits for OSCE Mission to Serbia

Reference Number
Procurement procedures
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Launch date
27 November 2020
, Europe/Belgrade
Expected contract duration
One-off purchase
On behalf of

Summary of Requirements

In a co-operation with the National Centre for Criminalistics Forensic (NCCF) the OSCE Mission to Serbia will support development an advanced practical training module for crime scene investigation, which would focus on practical skills of technicians and prosecutors. For the purpose of this training, the OSCE Mission to Serbia seeks training material to equip the mock crime scene. The training material would include forensic equipment, consumables and toolkits such as laboratory equipment, forensic consumables, PPE equipment and zip plastic bags.



The OSCE Mission to Serbia has issued Clarification Note No. 1 referring to RFQ/SER/30/2020 Supply and Delivery of Forensic Equipment, Consumables and Toolkits. All prospective Bidders are advised to regularly visit the OSCE web-site to view any amendment made to the Bidding Documents. The clarifications and amendments will be binding on the Bidders. The OSCE will assume neither responsibility nor liability for the Bidder's non-familiarity with any amendment issued pursuant to any provision herein.