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Supply and Delivery of Workstation for Passport and Document Verification for the OSCE

Reference Number
Procurement procedures
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Launch date
08 December 2021
, Europe/Vienna
Expected contract duration
One-off purchase
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Summary of Requirements

Retrochek (

    1. For the frontline examination of travel and identity documents, LED magnifier 10x, LED transmitted light, UV- light 254 nm, UV- light 365nm, LED oblique lightLED top light
  1. Retrochek (OPTIONAL): UV- light 313 nm, LED coaxial light

  2. Document Examination Workstations (DokuBox) An instrument for the analysis and comparison of, photocopied and printed documents, banknotes, secure documents including passports, ID cards, driving licenses, and breeder documents.  Full HD, resolution camera min. 1920x1080, USB Camera Output, Zoom objective 20x, Top Light, UV-A 365nm

  3. Document Examination Workstations, UV-B 313 nm, coaxial light, Front control elements/keypad, possibility to save image