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Two-day Workshop on Political Messaging and Briefing for Conflict Prevention Centre / Policy Support Service

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21 May 2014
, Europe/Vienna
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Summary of Requirements

Description of Services:

To design and deliver a training programme on how to draft concise and relevant briefing points on politically sensitive topics that will be used with maximum impact, taking into account that senior management often has limited time to get political messages across quickly. The course should address current issues of international policy as they relate to the work of the OSCE. In addition to core topics, each session should include a practical exercise involving analysis and briefing on a key issue requiring political judgment without advance preparation. The focus of the training is less on English drafting/reporting skills, but more on the simple and effective delivery of important political messages under time and other pressures.

The training provider will design and deliver a two-day workshop for eight participants on the topic of Political Messaging and Briefing.

More specifically, the training provider will:

  • Liaise with the DHR/Training Section to determine training needs of the target group;
  • Review samples of the participants’ individual work and provide feedback on the first day of the workshop;
  • Deliver a two-day workshop on Political Messaging and Briefing;
  • Prepare training material for the course (workbook, reference book, etc.), recommend further sources and reading.