To increase the chances of an award, Bidders are encouraged to ensure that:

  • The tender reaches the OSCE before the deadline. Late tenders will be rejected.
  • You read the solicitation document carefully, including the Instructions to Bidders and the General Conditions of Contract (GCC). Non-acceptance of the GCC reduces your chances of an award.
  • You reply to all questions of the solicitation, even if you provided the same information in connection with a previous solicitation. Tenders risk elimination from further consideration if requested information is not included in your submission.
  • The financial offer is submitted in the format that is provided in the tender document. Additional information may be attached.
  • Technical information is provided in sufficient detail. Please attach technical data sheets, brochures, photos and/or samples as applicable to facilitate the evaluation of the offer.
  • The tender is sent to the correct address. Wrongly addressed tenders may be rejected.
  • The tender is NOT copied to the buyer or to any other OSCE recipient.