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Provision of Creating Materials for a Regional Awareness Raising Campaign on Gender-based Violence in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania for the OSCE Secretariat

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05 August 2019
, Europe/Vienna
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Summary of Requirements

The OSCE’s Transnational Threats Department/Strategic Police Matters Unit (hereinafter, TNTD/SPMU) is currently implementing a two-year project on combating gender-based violence (hereinafter, GBV) in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania. The objective of this two-year project is to enhance the responsiveness, professional knowledge, skills and technical capacities of criminal justice practitioners, in particular first responder police officers, investigators and prosecutors in addressing GBV, thus contributing to an increased public trust in the criminal justice system response and subsequently an expected higher level of reporting of GBV cases. 

A regional awareness raising campaign in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania is envisaged as the last phase of the project. The purpose of the awareness raising campaign is to raise awareness of gender stereotypes, causes, signs, signals and effects of GBV among criminal justice practitioners and public thus contributing to a sustainable organizational and cultural change. 

The tentative starting date of the campaign will be 20th November 2019 with a tentative ending date the 10th of December. This timeline is subject to slight changes (+- a few days). 

The interested Bidders are invited to request Bidding Documents.