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Security Incident and Event Management Consultancy Services

Reference Number
RFQ/SEC/485590 - SIEM Consultancy
Procurement procedures
Request for Quotation (RFQ)
Launch date
01 February 2018
, Europe/Vienna
Expected contract duration
6 months
On behalf of

Summary of Requirements

The Information and Communications Technology Services (ICTS) of the OSCE Secretariat located in Vienna, Austria is interested to establish a Contract with the qualified and interested firm (here and after referred as SIEM Consultant) to support in selecting the Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system and approach to be implemented at the OSCE.

Please note that the appointed SIEM Consultant to perform services related to the SIEM system selection will not be allowed to the tender for the actual purchase of the SIEM system.

This RFQ consists of this document and the following annexes:

Annex A – Instructions to Bidders – Request for Quotation, available online at…
Annex B – General Conditions of Contract (Services), available online at…
Annex C – Terms of Reference (available upon request);
Annex D – Technical Compliance Form (available upon request);
Annex E – Pricing Format (available upon request).

In submitting an offer, the Bidder accepts in full and without restriction the requirements of this RFQ including the OSCE General Conditions of Contract for Services as the sole basis of this solicitation process and waives his conditions of sale, whatever they may be.

Offers must be sent by email at no later than 6 March 2018 at  14:00HRS CET. Offers received after the designated time will be automatically rejected. Please quote “RFQ/SEC/485590 – SIEM Consultancy” in the subject of your email.

Your offer must include the written response to the questions listed in Annex D – Technical Compliance Form; the financial information shall be provided using Annex E – Pricing Format. Since the OSCE is exempt from TAXES and DUTIES, all prices are to be expressed exclusive of VAT and other taxes and duties.

Vendors who are not registered with the OSCE need to complete the Vendor Registration Form, available at and submit it with their offer; for any questions related to the Vendor Registration process, kindly contact Mr Harald Passler, OSCE Secretariat Mission Support Assistant at

Any questions pertaining to this RFQ shall be addressed in writing, by email to Mr Yury Golovkov at, no later than 20 February at 14:00HRS CET. The OSCE will notify all the invitees in writing of the questions raised and the corresponding responses.

The Contract Award will be made to the most responsive Bidder considering both technical and financial factors.